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Quality Gates for Check-Ins

In this blog post I will describe how it is possible to add Quality Gates for Check-Ins in your git repository. The solution contains several Quality Gates: It will not be possible to check-in directly to the “master” branch. A Pull-Request will always be needed. At least one other...
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ALM – Run EasyRepro in Azure DevOps Pipeline

In my previews articles, you learned about Basic ALM, how to use the Solution Checker in an Azure DevOps pipeline as well as how to use the results of it. In this article you will learn another “Quality Gate” you could add to your ALM process. We look at...
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ALM – Use Results of Solution Checker

In my last post, you learned how to use the Solution Checker in an Azure DevOps pipeline. Lars Martin asked a question regarding using the results of this step on LinkedIn. This inspired me to write this article. Thanks to Lars. Result The Solution Checker will evaluate a solutions...
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ALM – Using “Solution Checker” in a pipeline

In my last post, I explained a Basic ALM process for CDS. In this article, I promised to write about different Quality Gates to improve a pipeline. Today we will learn how it is possible to use the “Solution Checker” in a pipeline as a Quality Gate (QG). This...
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CDS – Basic ALM process

In today’s article, I will explain a Basic ALM Process inside of CDS. This article is split into 3 Areas Explaining ALM Goal process Implement the process For the implementation, I will use Azure DevOps and the PowerApps BuildTools. Update: As of 16. June 2020 the PowerApps BuildTools are...
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