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Why use managed solutions

Every now and then I get asked why someone should use managed solutions. We also had a discussion internally recently because some of our projects have problems with it. The same discussion came up in the Power Platform Level Up discord. This blog post tries to summarize those discussions...
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Release 2022 Wave 1 Summary

As I described in one of my previous posts (Explaining “One Version” – Dynamics MDA) Microsoft is releasing two “Waves” of new functionalities and improvements per year. Today, 25.01.2022, Microsoft has published the Release Notes for the Release 2022 Wave 1. Like the last time, it is overall a quite...
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Create a Teams status indicator light

For a long time, I thought about a great use case for a raspberry pi. Beginning of 2021 I found a great article of Elio Struyf on how he created such a light. I thought: “I want one of those! This is a great use case to get my...
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Use Fiddler to serve a local version of Webresources

In this article, I would like to explain how to use Fiddler to serve a local version of Webresources. End of last year I asked a question about source maps to the community on Twitter. After a short time Fiddler popped up in our discussion. It always bothered me...
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Quality Gates for Check-Ins

In this blog post I will describe how it is possible to add Quality Gates for Check-Ins in your git repository. The solution contains several Quality Gates: It will not be possible to check-in directly to the “master” branch. A Pull-Request will always be needed. At least one other...
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