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Create a Teams status indicator light

For a long time, I thought about a great use case for a raspberry pi. Beginning of 2021 I found a great article of Elio Struyf on how he created such a light. I thought: “I want one of those! This is a great use case to get my...
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Use Fiddler to serve a local version of Webresources

In this article, I would like to explain how to use Fiddler to serve a local version of Webresources. End of last year I asked a question about source maps to the community on Twitter. After a short time Fiddler popped up in our discussion. It always bothered me...
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Quality Gates for Check-Ins

In this blog post I will describe how it is possible to add Quality Gates for Check-Ins in your git repository. The solution contains several Quality Gates: It will not be possible to check-in directly to the “master” branch. A Pull-Request will always be needed. At least one other...
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Welcome on board

Every Blog should have a “Welcome Post”. At least that’s what i think. So there it is. Welcome to my new Blog! This Blog will focus on development for Dynamics 365 and the whole Power Platform. I hope you will enjoy it. Please do not hesitate with feedback or...
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6 take aways from Microsoft Ignite 2019

This post was first published on CGIs company blog but is not available any longer. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando. It was a week full of great sessions, new experiences, information, and great discussions. In this article, I would like...
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