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CDS – Basic ALM process

In today’s article, I will explain a Basic ALM Process inside of CDS. This article is split into 3 Areas Explaining ALM Goal process Implement the process For the implementation, I will use Azure DevOps and the PowerApps BuildTools. Update: As of 16. June 2020 the PowerApps BuildTools are...
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How to use Customer-field in Power automate

In one of the projects I am working a the moment, we do use an custom activity on the case entity. Last week I had the requirement to create an automated name for this entity. Which is a quite common requirement. In this case the name should be composed...
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[Recap] Dynamics 365 FastTrack Architect Bootcamp in Reading

The week before last week I had, together with two colleagues, the pleasure to attend the Dynamics 365 FastTrack Architect Bootcamp in Reading. This post will be a short Recap of this week of intense training and discussion. FastTrack Before I will go into the covered areas I would...
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Release 2020 Wave 1 – Summary

Like I mentioned in one of my previous posts (Explaining “One Version” – Dynamics MDA) Microsoft is releasing two “Waves” of new functionalities and improvements per year. Today, 27.01.2020, Microsoft has published the Release Notes for the Release 2020 Wave 1. Like the last time, it is overall a...
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[Quick Tip] BPF – Merge previously split branches

If you have split a BPF with a Condition tile you might want to merge the two branches back after some steps. We had this requirement a few times in our projects. Every time we had to figure it out again. This post will explain a way to do...
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