Microsofts new name for CE

Like you can read in my previous post, 6 take aways from Microsoft Ignite 2019, Microsoft does not use the term “Customer Engagement (CE)” any longer for Dyamics 365 online . OnPremises is still called CE.

This has left us with the question on how to target this area of Dynamics 365 and how to differentiate it to F&O.

Microsoft has now delivered the answer to this question. In a lot of documentation, on the Microsoft website, were they referred to CE previously they changed it to “Model-driven apps in Dynamics 365”.

It might not be the catchiest name and until now i have not found a good short version of it (like CE was), but it actually exactly says what the old CE now is. Like we all know are the old CE applications (Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Marketing) not more than first party model-driven Apps. They build exactly on the same base and we could even build similar functionality by our self.

I think the name makes sense. We will see how it will be used and established in the Community.

Update 2019-12-19

Today i saw a post in LinkedIn regarding the naming of the old CE. Unfortunately i can not find it. The author wrote something like “Dynamics 365 Model-driven apps”. Maybe that could be a good alternative: “Dynamics 365 MDA”. At least the short version is promising. 🙂

There is just one thing: Some parts of “Dynamics 365 Talent” are Model-driven Apps as well, even though it is counted to F&O.

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